Chris Crocker Quotes

 Name: Chris Crocker
 Birthday: December 7, 1987
 Genres: Pop, Electronic
 Occupations: Singer, Songwriter, Comedian
 Years active: 2006–present

The truth doesn’t hurt, the truth feels really good. Denial hurts, its the denial that hurts you.

If you’re gonna give the keys to your heart to just anybody, you better know a really good lock smith.

Straight boys, girls usually 9 times out of 10 have a gay bestfriend. So when you make fun of gay people in front of girls, it does not turn them on.

Behind every girl, there’s a gay bestfriend. Behind every pretty girl, is an even prettier gay bestfriend.

You look for love in other people, the only person love is really inside of, is you. Be your own boyfriend, be your own girlfriend. Love yourself. Wake up in the mirror and kiss it. Tongue it if you have to.

you were in your life before you were with this person, you will be in your life after this person.

There’s a difference between giving it another chance, and shooting it until its dead. I mean put the guns down and walk away so you both still have limbs.

let go of whats already gone.

See all of me, or see nothing.

Let the fierce be with you.

If your best friend steals your man. You just say, ‘you know what, she can have my man, but she can’t have my hair extensions!’ and then you flip that hair till that bitch is out of your mind!

Opposites attract because, either one, or both people lack what the other has. Once they have what they used to lack, they usually separate.