Danity Kane Lyric Quotes

 Band Name: Danity Kane
 Band Members: 5
 Known For: Being #1 on Music Charts
 Occupations: Singers, Songwriters
 Years active: 2005–2009

Maybe, I’m just a bad girl.

Some say that love is all that I’m missing
Some call it jezebel, I call it attention
But what they don’t know they can’t even imagine
Say I don’t have no self-esteem but it’s my fashion

When the red light comes on I transform

I thought that I should let you know
That my heart is damaged, damaged
so damaged.

You try to gain my trust
Talking is not enough
Actions speak louder than words
You gotta show me something
My heart is missing some pieces
I need this puzzle put together again

And everybody knows that I’m…
I’m addicted to kissing and hugging
Touching and rubbing
I’m a sucker for love

Can’t hold it back you know I’m so addicted to you
cravings attack whenever I get closer to you
i’m in withdrawl whenever you’re away
I just want you here with me boy

Let’s take a ride i’ll show you all the avenues hop in my coupe i only got a room for two
let’s just explore my only destination is you i’ll tell you what I want to do baby.

You’re so hot there must be two of you,
boy you got me having breakfast in the afternoon
when you take my body, up to the moon if it’s feeling so good
it has to be two of you

I’m a girl that’s not afraid of the dark
When the lights go out I get what I want
So easy

Someone took the key to your heart, could’ve swore I had it right here with me
since you told me no one else could take it away
so maybe I misplaced it checking where it could
be but I’m running out of possibilities

Please don’t tell me someone took the key to your heart
right from up under me tearing us apart
how could you just let anyone in
how could you do it baby into your heart

I think of you when I’m lying in bed and the image of you loving
her plays in my head you messed up and you lost a real good thing
and now you’re asking why

Is anybody listening, can anybody answer my prayers,
please say yes, does anybody feel the same.
and is there anybody who cares, life’s unfair, its so unfair.

We’ll make you jump right out of your seat
make you lose your mind when you feel that beat
it’s just begun and we ain’t going nowhere, going nowhere, oh.