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Debate Kiss : Abortion

Jack Thinks: Abortion is kind of a sore subject for me. There is tons of girls at my school who get an abortion. It’s just kind of sad, because you’re killing a fetus with a beating heart. I also think it is a woman’s right to decide what is right and wrong for her body. I think they should keep the fetus in mind too. See, abortion doesn’t make the problem go away. The only thing it does is make you the mother of a dead baby. Some girls just think it’s okay to do this, nothing is going to happen, and it’s just temporary. It is something you will remember forever. It will be something that will be on your conscious. I don’t think abortion should be legal after the heart starts to beat. Don’t be the mother of a dead baby.

Melissa Thinks: I used to be against abortion, for every reason. No matter what the situation was. But more recently I have become more open minded, and thought twice about decisions girls face. Currently I am prochoice. I still think abortion is unethical and wrong, and I would personally never have one. However, I believe it is the right of the person that is pregnant, and they can do what is in their best interest. Some people are not able to take care of a baby, and if rape is the issue, it’s hard to say it’s wrong to get an abortion if you have never been in their shoes. I think it’s all a matter of circumstance and what the situation was.

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