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Debate Kiss: Christina Aguilera VS. Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera has been main stream for more than 10 years, yet Lady Gaga has been main stream for a little less than a year. Who is better? What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s new album? Do you think she is coping Lady Gaga, who copies others?

What Jack & Melissa think:

We both have pretty much the same opinion… Christina Aguilera is not copying Lady Gaga. We both think Christina has more talent anyway. We still kind of like Lady Gaga, but her fame came too fast and shes overplayed. Her music is still likeable, but she’s getting repetitive and old now… Not to mention how annoying it is when everyone compares everything to Lady Gaga. If you get your hair cut a certain way, people say, “Oh you look like Lady Gaga!” orrrr… a celebrity wearing some creepy outfit, automatically everyone says, “They copied Lady Gaga!!!!!” Seriously? It’s ridiculous. Christina Aguilera FTW! :]

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