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Happy birthday to ME!

Hey Guys! So today is my birthday, 9/22 virgo’s represent! Haha! So I haven’t really blogged lately, about my personal life. I got my schedule at school fixed, so I go every B day instead of A day. So I am off school every other day. This week I only went one day, since today is my birthday so I stayed home. My school days have been so easy though. I love my schedule. I only go to school either 2 days or 3 days a week. Which is easy and I love it. I got accepted to college, I am majoring in Graphic Design. So I have been trying to stay on top of that, I am going to attend that fall of 2011. I need to sign up for financial aid, grants and scholarships. So its kind of stressful. I am loving my life though. Besides a couple things (family drama) its going fine. I hope you guys are having a GREAT school year so far. I am going to fix the advice column, it broke for a little while. I am going to make it so you guys can reply to other peoples advice, maybe. I have to see. So have a great day & enjoy the site!


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