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Happy Halloween :)

I just got home from Melody’s & Becky’s we had fun. We gave out candy and ordered pizza. My mom was a Hippie, I was like Cleopatra, Becky was Kat Von D, and Melody was a Nun. Too funny. Before we put our light out a truck load of people unloaded atleast 50 kids to go trick or treating. They were the most rudest kids ever. I opened the door and the kid just throwed his hand waiting for candy on his hand. I said hello? Happy Halloween? Half the kids werent even dressed up. We are NOT doing this again next year. It’s sad how Halloween has changed (atleast in my area) since years ago. Years ago every was in a costume and everyone had fun not rudeness. Now I am home. Updates coming soon and maybe some pictures from tonight. Have a fun night everyone :)

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