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How to Make Good Choices You’ll Never Regret

We all make choices that have been really bad. Than again we all have made really really good choices that we don’t regret. One major thing I do is make sure I make good choices so I won’t stress about it later and reget it. Here are some tips to making good choices.

Take your time
Don’t rush. Sleep on it. When rushing into decision making you will most likely pick the worst case scenario and regret it. Usually you should just sleep on it a night or two, just so you don’t dread making the decision for a couple days. When you have a fresh mind everything seems a little bit simpler.

Talk about it
Talk to a loved one. Don’t talk to someone you can’t trust, loved ones always want your best. Talking about it to just anyone you could get mixed signals or talk to someone who secretly wants you to fail. You never know now a days.

Take notes
Write down pros and cons about your situation and choice. Weigh them out, if there are more pros than cons than you know your answer. Usually takes notes you can almost get a reality check since everything is written on paper.

Don’t Drink
This is the worst you can do, you don’t want to make a choice while under the influence of alcohol. You will 9 times out of 10 reget your choices. You don’t want your judgement clouded one bit.

Prepare for the worst
Even when planning out making right decisions, it might not always work. Just don’t kick yourself over it. Prepare yourself that it might not go the way you want it to go, but everything happens for a reason. So remember that!


Just remember in decision making and choice making, do it for all the right reasons. If you do things for the wrong reasons you might not regret it right away, but it will eventually catch up to you.

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