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Music Kiss : For your Entertainment

I am starting something new here on QuoteKiss! Its called Music Kiss! Basically I am going to put up songs on here, and I am going to put the meaning of the song! So if you want to suggest a song you can in a comment!

For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert

Aside from its obvious sexual content, this song seems to have strong undertones of self-mutilation. “Push the limit, are you with it, baby don’t be afraid” – Refers to what persuades somebody to start cutting as a means of coping; e.g. “The cool kids do it, don’t be scared, you won’t die,” etc. “I’m’a hurt you real good,” “Take the pain, take the pleasure” – Definitely could refer to the adrenaline “high” reported by kids who cut. “No escaping when I start, once I’m in I own your heart” – Cutting is an addiction. “There’s no way to riing the alarm, so hold on until it’s over” – Fear of being stigmatized prevents the cutter from telling, so they have to try to stop on their own. “Do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? ‘Cuz it’s about to get rough for you” – The cutter is wondering if they got more than they bargained for by starting and whether they should continue. “I’m here for your entertainment” – Cutting is a way for the person to cope with something. “Bet you thought I was soft and sweet, thought an angel swept you off your feet, But I’m about to turn up the heat” – The person thinks self-mutilation will be easy but they realize how addictive and painful it is. “It’s all right, you’ll be fine, baby I’m in control”- Refers to someone reassuring themselves that it is not unhealthy, but acknowledging that the behavior is starting to control them. “Close your eyes, not your mind / Let me into your soul” – Telling the cutter to ignore when people judge them for doing it, and to continue. “I’m’a work you till you’re totally blown” -The person refusesto stop until they go too far and need to see a doctor.

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