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New: Facebook Banners

Hey Guys! I added some new Facebook Banners today. They seem really popular lately, these ones are more photography than quotes, which are cute. I will add more quote ones soon though. Someone commented on one of my blog posts, saying they missed my blog posts, so I thought I would blog now. I have been really happy lately, everything in my personal life has seemed to fall into place. The only thing I need now, is love. Which is kind of hard to find in my city, so I guess that will have to be put on hold till I move out later this year. I am not going to college right away, I decided to take a one year maybe two year break. I know you are prob. thinking well you most likely won’t go back. If it’s meant to be, it will happen, if its not meant to be it won’t happen. Simple as it is. So in the middle of the week my eye has been really hurting, yesterday I wake up to my eye being swollen and puffy. The top lid is puffy, I was like omg, so ugly. Its a stye. Of course, I would get a stye. So tomorrow I am going to the doctor to get some medicine to fix this mess. I have been so lazy this week. I got a new bed set at walmart, it is SO cute, and comfortable. I love it, its like a black floral and I got a big purple fluffy pillow, I will most likely take a picture, and post it on here later. So that has been my week, I hope you guys enjoyed the blog and didn’t get too tired reading haha! Have a great day everyone! ♥

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