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New: Sad Emotional Quotes

Hey guys… we haven’t updated in a few days, which is really bad. Hopefully we can get QuoteKiss back up. I added some new quotes to the Sad Emotional quotes page, click here to see them: Sad Emotional Quotes. Personally you haven’t seen updates from me on QK because I was busy and for awhile Jack was doing well everyday updating, now we kind of forgot about it because of our other sites, we have way too many. Anyway, last week I went home from Jack’s. I hate how summer is kind of going by fast, well is it going by fast for any of you guys? Anyway it’s kinda like I have two summers, I spend time with my best friend Jack then go back home and spend some time with my other best friend Katie. I’m hoping to go back to Jack’s house real soon and spend the rest of the summer with him. Anyway hope you like the new quotes and we will keep you updating you guys!


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