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New: Taylor Swift Lyric Quotes

& I don’t know why, but with you
I’d dance in a storm in my best dress
[ f e a r l e s s ]

Okay okay so I don’t really update as much anymore. I HAVE reasons. Jack makes me very fiesty sometimes so we had minor implications a few… days ago . I’ve also been busy with college, I only have 8 days left & I’ll be done with my first year!  I will try and update more though, despite my issues. Anyways, I added more  Taylor Swift Lyric Quotes, this time with her Platinum Fearless Album. I added lyric quotes up until the song “Love Story”; I’ll add the rest later. Is anyone else excited for summer as much as I am? It’s so close! May 12th is my last day of classes so it will officially be summer for me. I’m supposed to be going to Jack’s house in June for awhile, which might be fun, might be . We’ll see. Hope you like the new updates!


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