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-these are quotes by Jack Boger, owner of Quotekiss.com-

I’m scared. Will I ever find love? Will love ever find ME? The thought of it crosses my mind often. I love myself, I think I’m beautiful. People always say that people need confidence, I have it. I have it all. What if no one else see the beauty within me, that I do? What if no one finds me attractive like I find myself attractive? I hope someone will come along and find the beauty that I find within myself. I know its wishful thinking, but I guess we all can dream.

in order to get over an asshole, the first step is realizing you can’t change the past.

If you feel someone is talking shit about you, they usually are.

Saying ‘That’s so gay’ is subconsciously spreading homophobia.

You can’t pick and chose when you want to be a ‘best friend’, it’s like picking and choosing to be a mother. It doesn’t work.