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“I walk a path with my own two feet. I stand up tall, never consider defeat. The longer I walk, the more strength I gain. Obstacles I cross shall always remain. The next in line will have to cross the same. I share my initiative to those in need. All can accomplish if they are willing to succeed. My heart is bold, it gives with great compassion. I do not reconsider for a moment my action. The highest gift of all gives complete satisfaction. Walk along with me is all I ask. A thoughtless question, a tremendous task. If you are willing to spare, the gifts are endless. A simple smile can be turned into a fortress. Giving is simple, there is no awkwardness. Words can bethink the trials I have encountered. No regrets for what I have endeavored. Rewards in life are how you perceive then. Selfishness, however, I will always condemn. The beauty is a path which has no end. If I stand alone, I shall carry the weight. A thousand miles before I have ate. Unheard of is he who will follow his fears. Weakness is of those who will follow their peers. Walk along my path, my friend, before it disappears.”

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