Taylor Lautner Quotes

Name: Taylor Lautner
Birthday: February 11, 1992
Known For: Jacob in Twilight
Occupations: Actor
Years active: 2001 – present

There’s tons of fans and we hear all of these high pitch voices and we hear ‘Rah, rah, Taylor, Taylor!’ All of a sudden I hear this deep voice behind me: ‘Taylor, Taylor!’ …. And this guy walks up to me and he goes ‘Hey … my daughter is a huge fan, and I’m a huge fan is there any way I can get a picture with you. I’m Jamie Foxx.’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Can I get a picture with you?’

It depends on the girl. I don’t exclude anyone… I want her to just let loose, be a dork and have fun. If she can make me laugh, the spark’s there.

If you like someone who’s your best friend, who you can talk to about anything and you’re super, super close, then Jacob is the guy. But if you like the more mysterious type, Edward is your man.

The only reason I did it is because the character required it and I love the character. So, in a year from now, if I fall in love with a character that requires me to lose weight, I’m ready to do it.

The weirdest thing is that we didn’t expect this, so it came as a total surprise. But we’re thankful this series has given us the opportunity to do what we love to do, and that is to make movies, travel the world and meet our fans. We have passionate fans everywhere we go! Even in the smallest town, we have a fan base there. It’s really comforting to know we have that support.