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Today’s Life Lesson

I pretty much agree with this statement. It’s hard to go on with life if you have regrets. When I do something that I regret, I just accept it. Things happen, people make mistakes the best thing you can do is learn from it. You can’t just drag it on forever, you cant’ change the past. Be happy, live life. Surround yourself with who makes you happy. Melissa my bestfriend makes me happy . We are so mean to each other. I think it is the most healthy thing for our friendship, and it is also soo funny. Don’t be under the pressure of someone else, turn the other cheek if someone talks shit. Like the graphic says, everything happens for a reason. Better things form from bad things. Trust me it happens. If you ever need advice in a situation you are in, Melissa and I are here for you. Check out the Advice Column also check out the Life Quotes, Confidence Quotes, Friend Quotes, and Photography. The best thing to do when you are upset is to make yourself feel better. I don’t think having someone cheer you up really works. When I cheer myself up I feel good. So I hope you enjoy this life lesson, I am going to try to do this everyday for you guys. Leave comments suggesting a topic!

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