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Tomorrow’s the big day.

Does anyone know what tomorrow is Christmas, My Birthday, New Years, Last day of School None of the above. Well kinda, Kaylee is being born! My niece Kaylee Mae is being born tomorrow the 22nd of December. So exciting. I’m going to be a Guncle!! If you don’t know what a Guncle is, its a gay uncle. Oh Yeah!! Guncle Jack! How sweeet!! So recently I’ve been going shopping like crazy, I finished my christmas shopping the other day, got everything I need and more. I got myself a couple presents. I got me a Kodak Playsport (Purple), a Messenger Bag (It’s really cute), Wig (for Youtube), my Don’t B H8in the Homo’s shirt I got, a book called the No Asshole Rule, and I got an Internet Killed Television shirt, which is a youtube channel, CTFXC that I watch daily, I think next im going to get a ShayCarl shirt, I’ve been addicted to them too. I got some new nail polish yesterday, its like a deep dark red, which is so cute. I’ve been embracing my sexuality a lot lately, you know you hold it in for so long till you come out that its amazing to finally be open about it. So tomorrow is the big day, I am excited excited excited, I am also seeing family member I havent seen due to family drama, oh well. So yeah that sums up this blog, When I get my kodak I will make some daily vlogs, and tomorrow I will be recording Kaylee and deff posting it on here! Have a good day everyone!! ♥

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