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V is for Vanity

That which is vain;
excessive pride in appearance,
qualities, abilities, achievements; conceit.

Yet again, once more; to our haters: get over yourself. Let me refresh your crude memory, “&nd” let me blatantly enlighten you…  quotes… you see, are nothing more than REPETITION. Reeeal talk. They are meant to be reused, over and over again. That’s what after all makes them so well-liked, obviously the saying someone came up with was worth “quoting”. But, since you lack a bit of intelligence, let me rephrase that. Who gives one flying fuck if quotes are copied “&nd” pasted? Oh, you guessed it. No one, but you. So, as I said, and I’ll say it again… get over yourself. Oh and by the way, we keep it real… at least we have some originality and come up with our own ideas, unlike you. Nice try sweetheart, we’re almost flattered. But the way you jock our ideas looks like shit. So without further ado, in the end… you’re only making us look bad. Quit stalkin’ our site.

PS: “&nd” if you don’t like it fuck you! [:

BTW, to our QuoteKiss fans, this isn’t to you. It’s just to the few of our haters, whom we don’t give a shit about anyway. But to our fans who keep coming back, we love you. Thanks for all of your support and making QuoteKiss what it is today. We have so many plans for QuoteKiss in the future. Stick around.

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