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What happen with Melissa?

To be honest, I am so done with answering this question. Me and Melissa use to be really good friends, the couple times we hung out in real life, we didn’t get along. I think the problem was that we were too alike and our personalities clashed. If you didn’t know Melissa & I use to date, before I came to accept myself being gay. It does have a strain on people, and I can only imagine what Melissa went through. I don’t have any regrets, and I am very thankful that I had someone like Melissa in my life because I found out who I was. At the time when we dated, I did love Melissa. But what type of love was it? I was in love with her as a bestfriend, if that makes sense. I still do love Melissa as a friend, even though we don’t communicate at all. Which is fine, We both have new sets of friends, new lifes, new ways of living. I decided to remove Melissa from the site, because she didn’t update, she didnt have anything to do with the site. We didn’t communicate, so she wasn’t really a part of QuoteKiss. Therefore, Melissa I know you will read this, thank you very much, because I have finally come to realization that I am gay. I don’t have any regrets, and I would do it all again. I hope you have a wonderful life, and achieve all the goals that you can. & Stop worrying about your body, you are beautiful.

Peace & Blessing.

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